Empties : Five Favourite Items 2012

This would be my last post for 2012. It will be about five products, I use until finished!

As a beauty junkie, we have one bad habit. We rarely finish the product. But every now and then, there are always one or two items that you always go to: Your favourite items. Well the below items are my go-to beauty products for 2012:

#NOTD Lioele Pearl Purple Blue

Check out my matte nail polish from Lioele

I like the fact that one layer of this nail polish is enough to cover the nails, that makes second layer is unnecessary. But it's up to you, really. It goes on smooth and matte! It is glittery purple and dries quite fast but unfortunately chips quite fast too. For longer lasting, a base and top layer is needed. Do remember that since it has glitter, upon removal you'll get a slight glitter left. However, unlike most glittery nail polishes, the glitter comes off quite easy.

They have six colours and it costs IDR 100K. If you are looking for matte nail colours with glittery colours, then you might want to try this.

XO, Medina

Swatch: LT Pro Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Hi darlings!

This time, I'm doing a quick review and swatch on its neon Matte Palette.

Bright Christmas Nails: China Glaze Sun-Kissed | NOTD

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidaaaays!

I'm having a Christmas withdrawal, still could not accept the fact that it is over. Sigh!! And I am so back to work already... Since December 26th. Super!

Anyway, thought I'd share my Nail Of The Day. Do bare in mind that I don't usually wear nail polish because I have this bad habit of biting my nails. But for the past two months, I'm trying hard to restrain myself... So hard but it paid off.

Cool, huh?! I love the colour. So bright, so happy!  I took this picture with my trustee iPhone 4, in the afternoon under various lights. Top left indoor, top right outdoor under shade, bottom left outdoor slightly shadowed and bottom right outdoor exposed to the sun. Perfect shade for the beach or like me... anytime I feel "just feel like it"

XO, Medina

Sephora Singapore Haul.

Apologize since it has been a while since my last blog. I have been very very busy for the past week. As you may already know, I am a PR consultant and last week we're having media event and on Sunday, I ran at RunID 5 Miles Road Race at Alam Sutra, Serpong. So yes, I am very tired. My curvaceous body needed more time to reenergise compare to those slimmer ones!

Enough with the blahs. I am back with a haul from Singapore Sephora. Excited! Truthfully, I did not get these stuff my self... My brother did. Yes, my super awesome brother who got me the Mizuno and Salomon shoes two months ago.  So I gave him a list and the place he need to visit and just gave the list to the BA, that's it. Only at two places: Sephora and Guardians.

Here are my hauls:

Review: Wet N Wild Trio Eyeshadow "Sweet As Candy" & "I Got Good Jeans"

The post will be a review on the two eye shadows I bought from a fellow blogger, about a week ago.  I know I said I was going to find out who was the blogger's name but I cannot find it. Seriously... She somewhat disappear from the Google search engine but for sure, she's a member of Indonesian Beauty Blogger :))

Sneak Peek: Anggini "The Interpreter" Setiawan

Last Monday, I had a meeting with Angela, Dila and Anggini at Rumah Baba, a really awesome Betawi restaurant located in Senopati area, Jakarta Selatan.  As always it was a really quick and productive meeting. Sebenarnya cuman updates meeting sih sama temu kangen. Haha!

My girl, Anggini Setiawan The Interpreter

Haul in November Lalalala...

I went to Pondok Indah Mall kemarin! Nonton Breaking Dawn part 2 with my cousins. Trus ended up with this mini haul. Haha... teteeep must pulang bawa sesuatu:

Review: SilkyGirl Hi-Def Gel Eyeliner Pen | Sizzling Silver

I am going to try reviewing this SilkyGirl Hi-Def Gel Eyeliner Pen in Bahasa.

So, beli ini juga sebulan lalu, bersamaan dengan SilkyGirl Funky Eyelights Pencil di Robinson, Center Point, Singapura. Kalau gak salah, ini harganya berkisar di SGD12.90.  Lebih mahal dari si Funky Eyelights.

Ujungnya itu, lembut sekali. Warnanya mudah keluar and betul-betul popped! Me like :)

Seru dan cantik ya si Sizzling Silver ini

Here is what they say in their website:
Hi-Definition Gel Eyeliner Pen

Promises smooth and easy application with excellent color pay-off. Its soft formula glides on effortlessly to give your eyes impressive definition that stays out for hours. This self-sharpening eyeliner pen gives you greater control for creating subtle lines. What’s more, it’s waterproof, resists sweat and smudge-proof. 

  • Sangat lembut sehingga sangat mudah di gunakan
  • Warnanya betul-betul "keluar" dengan atau tanpa eye base
  • Waterproof, smudge proof and resists oil seperti yang mereka bilang
  • Salah satunya ini: 
  • Karena produknya betul-betul super-soft jadi habisnya cepat -___- dan gampang "blenyek" apa tuh kata-kata bagusnya? Lol

XO, Medina

Review: SilkyGirl Funky Eyelights Pencil

My post today will be on the review of SilkyGirl Funky Eyelights Pencil, which I bought a month ago.  I did a post on my haul with this product here . Bought them at Robinson, Center Point in Singapore for SGD8.90, that's about IDR70K ya? Lol. Not good with math!

For the comparison with base, I used on of my favourite eye primer: Benefit Stay Don't Stray. I will review it soon, so please keep on reading my my blogs!

#OOTD Birthday Weekend: Dressing Up & Make Up!

Last weekend, Nov 7th, my lovely grandmother is celebrating her 80th birthday. Yes folks, she is 80th very healthy and strong. Hallelujah, Praise The Lord Jesus Christ. Not just oma, but my cousin also celebrated her 23rd birthday. So the family decided to have a big themed birthday party for both of them.  RED.  The theme was red. And, since oma loves hat. You know, those hats that you wear to races or polos.

L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro Eye Shadow Palette #5 and #7

Wohoo, more eyeshadows means more swatches!

Yes, I am lately becoming obsessed with eye shadows but not wanting to spend a lot of money for buying branded make up like MAC or Make Up Forever because the colours that I got are not for everyday use. Like these two palettes I got from L'Oreal. Gorgeous just simply gorgeous colours but not my everyday colours.

Urban Decay NAKED PALETTE 1 & 2

I know I know... Review sama swatch Urban Decay NAKED PALETTE basi banget ya. This review is so last season.  But I had to do it.  Just for the sake of loving these products so much.  Ok so I'm not going to do much chit chats and introduction.

Make Over Trivia Eyeshadow Rainbow & Skyscrapping Blue

As promised, here are the swatches for both Make Over's Trivia Eyeshadows Rainbow & Skycrapping Blue:

Make Over Trivia Eyeshadow in Rainbow

Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm & Skin Aqua Moisture Gel

Two reviews for you today

Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm (Stick Sunscreen)

The first item that caught my eyes is the Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm. I love the packaging. It is clean and fresh and sealed to ensure hygiene.  It has 45+ UVB/SPF with UVA and in Vanilla Mint flavor!  It glides smooth and my lips felt super moist even after eight hours. Well, the packaging did say that it is moisturizing and very water resistant (Yes, it says “very water resistant”). Hmm… It does moisturizing but water resistant, I am not sure.  I did not get the chance to test it underwater -____-. And by the way, some lip balms make my lips even dryer after eight hours.  

I forgot the price, but I'm sure it was under Rp. 25K at Hypermart Bali Galeria



I like almost everything about this including the smell! Although for some people it could smell quite strong

Skin Aqua Moisture Gel

Bought the white one, with the SPF 30 PA++ for Face and Body yang supposedly for oily skin. I have been reading a few blogs about this product because some of you attended their launch, so you know whether this product suits you or not, etc. etc… Most are good reviews. Well, so do I. 

Where could you possibly test drive a sunblock, better than in Bali J

The texture of this product is quite light because well yeah they say it is a moisture gel.

For Oily Skin

Meski texturenya gel, tapi gak langsung "meleleh/tumpah"

I am liking the gel texture, very light. It does not smell and pretty affordable too. 

What bothers me is that the packaging is not very attractive and for facial use, if not blended well, could leave white streaks. After using it for a few days, my skin broke out. So I limit the use to other parts of my body

What do you think guys? Anyone of you use these products? Tell me how it goes :)

XO, Medina

MAKE OVER Make Up and Wigs

I have been wanting to try this brand a while ago.  I was wondering around fX Sudirman with a friend, don't know what to do, passed by MAKE OVER counter and decided to try some stuff.  Angela, my friend, was looking a blue eyeliner that really pops! We were amazed on how good the colour was :))

That was a month ago.

So last weekend, Friday and Saturday, I went to MAKE OVER counter at Pondok Indah Mall 1. Pas banget they had a two days Midnight Sale! So I bought these stuff all 50% off. How exciting is that :D

MAKE OVER and Ryuuta Online Shopping

I have been wanting to try this brand a while ago.  I was wondering around fX Sudirman with a friend, don't know what to do, passed by MAKE OVER counter and decided to try some stuff.  Angela, my friend, was looking a blue eyeliner that really pops! We were amazed on how good the colour was :))

That was a month ago.

So last weekend, Friday and Saturday, I went to MAKE OVER counter at Pondok Indah Mall 1. Pas banget they had a two days Midnight Sale! So I bought these stuff all 50% off. How exciting is that :D

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

Ok, this is not a new product and many of you have tried and tested it. I just want to share my own experience. I promise it will be a short and straight to the point review.

Bought the product at Watsons, Pondok Indah Mall. Think it was under Rp. 15K. Lovely!

Image source: Maybelline New Zealand Website

October Budget Beauty Revealed: Caring Colours by Martha Tilaar

I am back from Bali, cannot wait to blog!
Before the month ends, I would like to do a budget beauty review on one of Indonesia's leading cosmetic brand from Martha Tilaar, Caring Colours.  I cannot remember how long this brand has been around but I think quite a long time.

So here are the products I bought:

Top picture from Caring Colours: Blemless Balm Cream Everlast supposedly for oily skin which comes with a free 10g UV White Microfine Loose Powder in Natural Glow #3 Rp. 62,000; Everlast Dual Action Two Way Cake in Soft Natural #3 Rp. 49,400; Luxurious Perfecting Blush in Terra Passion Rp. 54,600; Lipstick in Flawless Summer Rp 31,500; Happy Eyeshadow palette in Sunny Summer #4 Rp. 52,200 and Brown Eyebrow pencil Rp. 47,300

Liburan: Packing Toiletries

Just giving you a heads up to that for a week from tomorrow, I will be out of town on holiday. Excited! So most probably that I would not be able to blog from there (prolly busy sun bathing, and swimming with my baby niece Jasmine. Yeay!) therefore, I will post now on the essentials beauty items I'll bring.

Here it is:

Beauty Counter Hopping. Time to Move On

Akhirnya, setelah sekian lama attached and counting on si 'ncik', got the courage to switched from medical to over-the-counter (OTC) skincare. OTC means I can get it without prescription. Not sure whether the term also applied to skincare but people usually use the term for pharmacy or medicine related.

Ya I thought, gak sehat deh selamanya pakai obat dokter. Kulitnya capek juga kena paparan kimia.

Went to SOGO Pondok Indah Mall with my friend Dila. So we went from counter to counter, asking the beauty advisor which skincare from their products suits my skin

Skin condition: Combination to Oily

October Last Haul, I promise!

Ini gara-gara Dila!

We were in a meeting at Commune, Senopati where she got a call from counter Belif, Pondok Indah Mall 2 (PIM 2) yang katanya: facial cleanser yang dia pesan sudan tiba and ready to be picked up.

So we rushed to PIM 2 as soon as we can, bukan karena terlalu excited mau ambil facial cleanser-nya, tapi karena it is almost 4PM, traffic is going to be quite chaos karena pas dengan jam-nya ummat pulang kantor. Apalagi di daerah jalan Radio Dalam. Jadilah kan akhirnya ke PIM lagi dan lagi. 

Harusnya, I received an award or apalah gitu kali ya for such a loyal PIMtizen! 

New Blog Design!

In case you did not notice, I have changed my blog design to suit October 31st! Yes, Halloween is around the corner and so I thought why not match the theme.

Oh well, I hope you enjoy this month's blog design.  I did it my self and it is pretty easy to do. Like super easy. Go to The Cutest Blog On the Block and they will teach you how to do it.  They have tons of backgrounds and banners and buttons, you will have fun and definitely find something that you love.

Happy Blog Designing!

XO, Medina

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 34th birthday. There, I've said it. Entering mid 30s. Suddenly, I feel severely depressed. More and more wrinkles *cry*. Nah. Yes. Well, a little bit tears. But at the same time, I feel blessed. God still give me another chance to 'make a difference' to shine and be the light :)

Anyway, I celebrated it at my cousin's Manadonese restaurant Cak Tu Ci, which is located on Jalan Panglima Polim Raya, just across ILP and Total Buah Segar. I love the food. I reckon it is one of the best Manadones restaurant in Jakarta. If you like spicy and hot tasting food but bit too hot like other Manadonese restaurant then this is one place you have to try visit.

So what I want to share with you today is the gifts I got. I love gifts! I love the idea of opening them, ripping them off from their wrap. Price does not matter, it's the thoughts and efforts that count.  Thank you :*

Eyeliners & Nail Polish Haul

Just a quick update of my latest hauls. Got these early October 2012 at a drugstore on Orchard Road, Singapore.

From left, Revlon Nail Art French Mix in Over The Moon and Sneak Peek, Revlon Photo Ready eye primer + brightener, Couleur Inc Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown, Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in silver, solid gold, electric blue, candy pink, lime green, ever green, Panasonic heated Eyelash Curler, Maybelline Masterliner WH-1, Silkygirl Gel Eyeliner Pen in sizzling silver

I will do a review on these babies later.
Stay tune!

XO, Medina

New Gear for Running. Hooooray!

Today my youngest brother came home from his four days visit to Singapore. Prior to his departure, I have been telling him stories about trail running, broken Jaybird JF3 Freedom, and recently got into blogging.

So he came back with all these stuff... OMG I LUUURRVVEEE SOO MUCH!!
Suppose he wanted to keep me in a good mood until Sunday because I have been really upset since the earphone broke. By the way, ladies and gents, this Sunday is my birthday and usually I'm at my very bad mood. I'm not to keen about getting more wrinkles >.< !!

Regardless my disappointment with my previous Jaybird JF3 Freedom headphones (yep, he got me another Jaybird) but of course, theseee.... are definitely keeping me happy till next birthday. Ha!

XO, Medina

Maroon-red Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Ltd Ed., Google Blogger for Dummies, Salomon XR Mission, Jabra JF3 Freedom, Salomon back pack and water bottle 

Treasure Hunt: Mom's Room

Hi darlings!

Just so you all know, my mother loves to buy cosmetics and skin care but does not use it right away. After just a few weeks, she just totally forgot them. Her bathroom is like a breeding ground for make up and skincare, they just keep growing and growing but no one touches them until they are forgotten and buried. This in fact has make her bathroom... my playground :D

Well somebody has to use them before expired, yes?! No one is able to do that but moi. To my advantage, my sister is not too keen on make up. Hahaha! :P

Check these treasure:

XO, Medina

From left to right: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance, Lancôme Color Fever Gloss in Kissing Lips Peach #256, Viva Eyebrow Pencil dark brown, Shiseido Lip Liner Pencil in Rose Vintage #16, MAC CremeSheen Glass in Deelight, Bath&Body Works Liplicious in Whipped Vanilla, Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Gold Pearl #18, Neutrogena Deep Clean foaming cleanser, Avène Very High Protection Cream SPF 50+ sample size, Chanel Double Perfection Compact in Sable #40

RIP: Jaybird JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Headset

One of the gadget necessarily to have for running is good headphones (at least for me :D) Recently I lost my corded Adidas Sennheiser Sport PMX 680. And was severely devastated!

So I decided to get a new one because I cannot run without my headphones! *lebuuuii >.< * This time I need to step up a bit: it has to be cordless! Hail bluetooth! Don't get me wrong, I love my previous headphone, and I miss it so much but the cord has been quite annoying. After browsing on the Internet, I found Jabra Sport headphones quite interesting.

So, at a recent trip to Singapore, I went to iStudio at Orchard Central, and was soooo exciteeeddd to see that they have Jabra Sport! Even more excited when they also have other bluetooth headphones, such as Jaybird Freedom.

After a loooooong Q&A session with the shop assistant (SA), I chose Jaybird JF3 Freedom. It costs about SGD70 more than the Jabra (How did that happened?! LOL...).

According to the SA Jaybird JF3 Freedom is smaller and has better sound blah blah (I have no idea what he's talking about). I paid for SGD199. But as tourist, you are eligible for a tax refund.

I didn't get the chance to try charging the device while I was there. So when I got home to Jakarta, to my surprise... The charger won't worked. I am sooo disappointed, angry and sad because this is such a beautiful piece!

I can't use the damn headphone!

To claim warranty I sent an email to support@jaybirdgear.com , the address they mentioned in the manual but haven't got the reply back. :'(

Full of regrets!! Should have gone with my first option, the Jabra Sport.

XO, Medina

I actually got these products quite sometime ago but just had the chance to post it, now. So instead writing about my hauls, I'm also going to do a quick initial review on each products. I will add separate and more detail review on each product before end of 2012 *fingers crossed*

I bought these products at Lioele store at Pondok Indah Mall 1. The store is the opposite of Kino Taki and Metro Department store. You cannot missed it, the store is bright and PINK!

So here goes,

Lioele Haul

I actually got these products quite sometime ago but just had the chance to post it, now. So instead writing about my hauls, I'm also going to do a quick initial review on each products. I will add separate and more detail review on each product before end of 2012 *fingers crossed*

I bought these products at Lioele store at Pondok Indah Mall 1. The store is the opposite of Kino Taki and Metro Department store. You cannot missed it, the store is bright and PINK!

From top Everyday Advance Moisture Cream, Foam Mask, Speedy Oneshot BB Cleanser, Triple The Solution BB Cream, Have To Men Foam Cleansing

Sneak Peek: Tabitha Cockrell [Update with QA]

Thanks to my first guest, my lovely cousin who is also a runner (run much faster than I am -___-), Tabby (as she would like to be called) I can now present my first ever make up and beauty sneak peek!

Let's see what she has and some of the things that I love! Will post QA session with her soon

Question and Answer with Ms. Tabby Cockrell