Beauty Counter Hopping. Time to Move On

Akhirnya, setelah sekian lama attached and counting on si 'ncik', got the courage to switched from medical to over-the-counter (OTC) skincare. OTC means I can get it without prescription. Not sure whether the term also applied to skincare but people usually use the term for pharmacy or medicine related.

Ya I thought, gak sehat deh selamanya pakai obat dokter. Kulitnya capek juga kena paparan kimia.

Went to SOGO Pondok Indah Mall with my friend Dila. So we went from counter to counter, asking the beauty advisor which skincare from their products suits my skin

Skin condition: Combination to Oily

My journey starts from:
1. StriVectin an Bremenn counter. They have this beautiful product called "6 in 1 Skin Cream". I wanted to get this but out of my budget. I know they are good products because I used to have the hand cream and it worked wonders! Price: Rp. 600rb something and the beauty advisor (BA) was kind enough to give me a Rp. 100rb discount. But I did not buy because the price is not quite right...

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2. Then we move on to Murad counter. Never actually tried or heard people's review about it but I'm curious. So I asked the BA, which of their product suits me. She said I still can use their Environmental Shield range. Price: I'm need to spend around Rp. 3 million

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3. Next counter, Shiseido. Heard good things about the brand. Rasa-rasanya, mungkin lebih baik stick to an Asian brand karena they know our skin best?! Maybe? So they suggest I'm using their sensitive skin (The Skincare) range karena transisi dari obat dokter ke OTC skincare can be brutal. Kalau gak cocok malah bisa jerawatan. Case study dulu pernah ada orang yang kasusnya sama tapi dia langsung pakai produk yang pink, which is the whitening series. Jerawat popped out instantly. Price: I think it was around Rp. 2.5million to almost Rp. 3 million for The Skincare range

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4. SK II
Dila my shopping partner was interested with the products. She was the one who hang around the counter and asking the BA things. Not me, their award winning facial essence did not do anything to my face. So I just float around the counter...

5. Clarins
So many people I know and relate to are using this brand. I have no idea why. I guess for skin care, it truly is depend on yourself, your own skin condition. So after the consultation the BA gave me a quotation for around Rp. 3 million. That already include the Shaping Facial Lift 50ml serum

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6. Belif
I'm not sure where this brand came from. They said Korea, I don't really care. I fell in love with the whole packaging and counter decor too! Lol. So clean, so fresh, feels hygienic! The BA was very very helpful and nice and not pushy! She even helped Dila get her face clean and a mini make over! I am in love with their products, especially their toner. It feels cool and very fresh when applied.

Photo source: Belief Cosmetic

I am very impressed on how the BA treats its customer.  She was very polite and patience, and know her products well. This is rarely happens in Indonesia, seriously.  She did a mini face treatment using belif and a mini make over using Too Cool For School Make Up, another Korean cosmetic brand brought into Jakarta by the same company who distributes Belif. (Am I making sense?) >.<

Note: sorry new video harusnya horizontal ya... Maklum newbie :D

My friend Dila was so happy and satisfied. She bought the eye cream and moisturiser and placed an order for the facial cleanser. Althoug I'm not sure whether they are going to give the same treatment when the counter is crowded, when we went there it was just us.  But still I have to give thumbs up!

After a few hours just around those beauty counters, I decided to get these products to replace my prescribed skincare:

The Clarins serum package is seasonal only and it comes with a manual book on how to apply the serums correctly. From Belief I purchased the toner for oily skin, and tinted sun block.

I mixed them up, one product from each brand.  Not sure whether it is ok or not, the BA said it should be ok because it does not contain chemical... and that saves me like half the from the estimated shopping price! :D

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