I actually got these products quite sometime ago but just had the chance to post it, now. So instead writing about my hauls, I'm also going to do a quick initial review on each products. I will add separate and more detail review on each product before end of 2012 *fingers crossed*

I bought these products at Lioele store at Pondok Indah Mall 1. The store is the opposite of Kino Taki and Metro Department store. You cannot missed it, the store is bright and PINK!

So here goes,

Lioele Foam Mask which I found really interesting because the texture feels and look like gel, but when applied it turns into foam! I love them because your skin feels clean, lifted  and after a week of use (maybe it's just me) my fine lines seemed to disappear. For a 30 something woman this is IMPORTANT! LOL.

Lioele Speedy Oneshot BB Cleanser. A make up remover, powerful enough to lift those heavy make up if use properly. I this because it's able to do what it claims, making my life so easy. If you use it to much, it could make your skin feels a little bit tight and dry. So stick with one pump per use or avoid heavy make ups!

Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream. It has SPF 30, for whitening and wrinkle treatment. Unless your skin is as white and fair like Korean skin, use sparingly. If you put it too much and if your skin medium beige like mine, you can always say, you just came from film shooting ;P

Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm. Make up can easily glide and blend smoothly but for me, it doesn't really help with the oil.

Lioele Everyday Advance Moisture Cream. You know what I like about this moisturiser, is that it can be used everywhere on your body. Yep, from face to toe and it is not sticky. Because the texture is more like a gel lotion, it works well with my oily face and blends well with the make up. For this particular product, I did not buy it at the store, but at a local one-time bazaar.  I can't find the product at the store, not sure where to get it here and whether this is only seasonal.

Liole Have To Men Refresh Foam Cleansing. Hmm I can't really say about this because I bought this for #TheBF. But he said: yeah it's ok. :D

Ps: sorry I forgot to take picture of the Rich Pore Balm but you can see it here.

XO, Medina

From top Everyday Advance Moisture Cream, Foam Mask, Speedy Oneshot BB Cleanser, Triple The Solution BB Cream, Have To Men Foam Cleansing

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