RIP: Jaybird JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Headset

One of the gadget necessarily to have for running is good headphones (at least for me :D) Recently I lost my corded Adidas Sennheiser Sport PMX 680. And was severely devastated!

So I decided to get a new one because I cannot run without my headphones! *lebuuuii >.< * This time I need to step up a bit: it has to be cordless! Hail bluetooth! Don't get me wrong, I love my previous headphone, and I miss it so much but the cord has been quite annoying. After browsing on the Internet, I found Jabra Sport headphones quite interesting.

So, at a recent trip to Singapore, I went to iStudio at Orchard Central, and was soooo exciteeeddd to see that they have Jabra Sport! Even more excited when they also have other bluetooth headphones, such as Jaybird Freedom.

After a loooooong Q&A session with the shop assistant (SA), I chose Jaybird JF3 Freedom. It costs about SGD70 more than the Jabra (How did that happened?! LOL...).

According to the SA Jaybird JF3 Freedom is smaller and has better sound blah blah (I have no idea what he's talking about). I paid for SGD199. But as tourist, you are eligible for a tax refund.

I didn't get the chance to try charging the device while I was there. So when I got home to Jakarta, to my surprise... The charger won't worked. I am sooo disappointed, angry and sad because this is such a beautiful piece!

I can't use the damn headphone!

To claim warranty I sent an email to , the address they mentioned in the manual but haven't got the reply back. :'(

Full of regrets!! Should have gone with my first option, the Jabra Sport.

XO, Medina

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