New Gear for Running. Hooooray!

Today my youngest brother came home from his four days visit to Singapore. Prior to his departure, I have been telling him stories about trail running, broken Jaybird JF3 Freedom, and recently got into blogging.

So he came back with all these stuff... OMG I LUUURRVVEEE SOO MUCH!!
Suppose he wanted to keep me in a good mood until Sunday because I have been really upset since the earphone broke. By the way, ladies and gents, this Sunday is my birthday and usually I'm at my very bad mood. I'm not to keen about getting more wrinkles >.< !!

Regardless my disappointment with my previous Jaybird JF3 Freedom headphones (yep, he got me another Jaybird) but of course, theseee.... are definitely keeping me happy till next birthday. Ha!

XO, Medina

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