October Budget Beauty Revealed: Caring Colours by Martha Tilaar

I am back from Bali, cannot wait to blog!
Before the month ends, I would like to do a budget beauty review on one of Indonesia's leading cosmetic brand from Martha Tilaar, Caring Colours.  I cannot remember how long this brand has been around but I think quite a long time.

So here are the products I bought:

Top picture from Caring Colours: Blemless Balm Cream Everlast supposedly for oily skin which comes with a free 10g UV White Microfine Loose Powder in Natural Glow #3 Rp. 62,000; Everlast Dual Action Two Way Cake in Soft Natural #3 Rp. 49,400; Luxurious Perfecting Blush in Terra Passion Rp. 54,600; Lipstick in Flawless Summer Rp 31,500; Happy Eyeshadow palette in Sunny Summer #4 Rp. 52,200 and Brown Eyebrow pencil Rp. 47,300

All that for Rp. 305K.  That is pretty affordable.   I think, a MAC compact powder here costs around 400 to 500K? One product only!! So yeah, it's a really huge gap. LOL!

A week ago, I had a morning meeting with my @AyuraSpa ladies Yanne & Indri. I decided to put on the make up (excluding the eyeshadows).  I put the make up at 8am and it starts to get oily by 10am? Padahal udah applied Lioele Pore Rich Balm (ini juga seharusnya deh ya menolong -_- ) Cuma dua jam tahannya sih ya :( After that, an on going oil blotting episodes aja sih. So far, for my skin and condition memang belum ketemu yang oil controlnya bender-bener bisa di andalin.

BB Cream

  • Texture: Cream, not runny
  • Colour: One fits all. Hmm... surprisingly for me the colour "kinda" suits my skin tone.  Memang sih agak lebih putih tapi kalau misalnya di akalin dengan loose powder yang warna lebih gelap sedikit jadinya gak masalah. Tapi for me personally, I cannot wear the BB cream alone. 
  • Breakouts: Not instantly but with three times of application, muncul jerawat-jerawat batu
  • Oil Control: So so la

Loose Powder

Note: Loose powder applied after BB cream. Not by itself.  Kelihatan banget yaaa bedanya :))  Look like a zebra! I do not want to be bothered testing it alone without foundation or base because I know it just won't do it. For me, the loose powder cannot be worn alone.  
  • Texture: Yang katanya Microfine ini, gak "micro-micro or fine-fine" banget :) karena awalnya susaaaah banget di keluarin dari tempatnya. Di muka itu rasanya memang sih seakan-akan licin mengkilat, which is for me not so good karena lebih siang lagi pasti tambah keliatan oil-nyaaa 
  • Colour: Microfine Natural Glow shade #3 putihnya masih agak greyish and diatas BB cream, jadi terlalu putih
  • Beakouts: Nope
  • Oil Control: Not for me

Two way cake

  • Texture: Compact, padat. I don't particularly like the smell
  • Colour: Everlast Soft Natural shade #3
  • Breakouts: Don't know yet. karena sudah kepalang males pake kedua kalinya...
  • Oil Control: Not for me

Eye Shadows

  • Texture: Agak kasar
  • Colour: Sunny Summer. Pigmented
  • Breakouts: -


Warnanya cukup pigmented! So it is build-able colour therefore easier for us not to over blushed our cheeks. 

  • Texture: Agak kasar
  • Colour: Terra Passion. Warnanya cukup pigmented. It managed to give my cheek a healthy glow
  • Breakous: Nope


  • Texture: Soft. Very easy to use dan kebetulan warnanya suits me well!
  • Colour: Dark brown


  • Texture: Soft and sheer
  • Color: Flawless Summer
  • Staying power: Almost gone with the fourth bite of my meal

I like the fact that semua produknya very light packaging, light to carry. Lipstick has moisturiser and it does keep my lips look hydrated even for a while. Zzzz. BB fluid and free loose powder compliments each other. The price is right. What you pay is what you get :)) . The eye shadows are quite "yeah ok" pigmented while the orange color on the blusher cukup pigmented.

What I don't like is the tacky packaging. Warna pink-nya gak begitu appealing and the material for the packaging feels plasticky cheap. After a while, I think the BB cream, bikin keluar deh jerawat-jerawat batunya. Hiks.... Lalu Everlast compact shade does not match my skin tone.  I think I may have bought the wrong shade tapi takutnya kalau lebih gelap lagi, justru kelihatan "dekil".  It has very limited shade colours and leaves white cast and the oil control promise does not work well for my face. The lipstick does not stays, I had to reapply and more reapplying


Yes. But only the eyebrow pencil, blush and the eye shadows!

XO, Medina


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    1. Hello dear!

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  2. your review really helped me rethink to buy this product :D
    I'm still beginner in beauty world, why not to try review product sari ayu, especially red lipstick ? I really want to buy red lipstick but I'm still scared because my age is not enough >.<

    1. I think you can wear red lip. Just keep the eyes simple. :)) How old are you btw?