Liburan: Packing Toiletries

Just giving you a heads up to that for a week from tomorrow, I will be out of town on holiday. Excited! So most probably that I would not be able to blog from there (prolly busy sun bathing, and swimming with my baby niece Jasmine. Yeay!) therefore, I will post now on the essentials beauty items I'll bring.

Here it is:

Maaf ya fotonya gelap & jelek banget! Ini pakai iPhone, under a very low light!! Gara-gara gak sabar pingin upload because I am super sleepy and still had to do a few documents for work. >.< 

Top picture: for skin care, I won't be bringing the usual skin care that I used daily. Instead, I have prepared another range that is already packed in my grab-and-go toiletries bag! I usually take this kit when I go to the gym also. I need to have a separate essentials for each activities... Yes I am that obsessive compulsive...

So all these are some of my essential stuff to bring for going to the beach.
  • Bawa satu moisturiser that can act for both morning and night. Mine is Lioele Snail moisturising cream. Idealnya sih bawa yang texturenya lotion, karena kalau panas the face tends to get very oily and sticky kalau cream.  So if you were like me, apply the cream moisturizer very very lightly aja :)
  • Hada Labo facial cleansers I bought at Watsons Jakarta (karena sizenya yang pas buat travelling) and Hada Labo Lotion, bought in Watsons Singapore which can act as toner and moisturizing mask
  • Banana Boat body spray sport sun block SPF 30, easy to use! 
  • Pantene hair overnight leave on conditioner, good to have if your hair is going to be expose in a lot of sun and salt water
  • Shu Uemura cleansing oil travel size! 
  • Body Glide balm, untuk temporary relieve of minor aches and sore muscles. Something like Voltaren juga bisa dan lebih mudah di dapat :)
  • Compact solid perfume, gak makan tempat :D

Make Up. I am keeping it simple (yeah right):
  • Kalau bisa bawa face palette. For tomorrow's travel I'm bringing my Too Faced Natural Face palette yang dalamnya sudah ada bronzer, cream & powder blush, illuminiser, brightener and concealer
  • Loose powder, mine is Chanel Universelle Libre in Clair
  • Bring tinted moisturizer instead of foundation karena texturenya lebih light. Mine is Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm
  • A very light pink blush just to keep you cheeks rosy and fresh; and keep your eyebrow looking natural with a powder instead of pencil. Mine is Nyx
  • I am also bring two mascara and an eyelash curler, but I doubt that I'll be using this... Just in case... 
  • And because I have a rather oily skin, I'm bringing Lioele Pore Rich Balm for my make up base

Oia, I'm also bringing my Belif tinted facial sun block ini harus ya dibawa dan di pakai. Hukumnya wajib bukan sunnah ya... Lol. The sun is very harsh, you don't wanna get those darkish sun spots :(

That's about it siih.  Too much or Too little? ;)

XO, Medina


  1. Have a nice trip n holiday yeeeL... N dont forget oleh2nya.. ^^..

    Btw... Bedak taburnya keren ueeii.. Bikin bulu mata keriting ngeliatnya.. Hhah.. Salam buat babygirL...