#OOTD Birthday Weekend: Dressing Up & Make Up!

Last weekend, Nov 7th, my lovely grandmother is celebrating her 80th birthday. Yes folks, she is 80th very healthy and strong. Hallelujah, Praise The Lord Jesus Christ. Not just oma, but my cousin also celebrated her 23rd birthday. So the family decided to have a big themed birthday party for both of them.  RED.  The theme was red. And, since oma loves hat. You know, those hats that you wear to races or polos.

Yep, oma loves that. 
I seriously think, she's been wearing that hat maybe even before prince Charles was born. LOL. Et moi? I been wearing them since my studying days in Melbourne, probably back in 1997. Went to the races like Melbourne Cup or just simply dressing up. I just loved it.

Chose this one, got it out from the 

I bought the material for the dress at De Moda in Lottemart complex, on Jalan Fatmawati. I think they have a branch at Majestyk Market. Just so you know, these two spots are the most convenient clothing material shops in South Jakarta. Especially when the government revamped Mayestik into a "cleaner, better, friendly" modern market.

Had it sewn at a couturier which happens to be my mother's friend.  Did not get it right the way I wanted though :( But there were not time to fix it. 

I chose the black fascinator to accompany my black stiletto pumps. You can't go wrong with black, right?

Had a lovely time. Love grandma and my cousin much.

God Bless You All
XO, Medina

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