Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm & Skin Aqua Moisture Gel

Two reviews for you today

Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm (Stick Sunscreen)

The first item that caught my eyes is the Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm. I love the packaging. It is clean and fresh and sealed to ensure hygiene.  It has 45+ UVB/SPF with UVA and in Vanilla Mint flavor!  It glides smooth and my lips felt super moist even after eight hours. Well, the packaging did say that it is moisturizing and very water resistant (Yes, it says “very water resistant”). Hmm… It does moisturizing but water resistant, I am not sure.  I did not get the chance to test it underwater -____-. And by the way, some lip balms make my lips even dryer after eight hours.  

I forgot the price, but I'm sure it was under Rp. 25K at Hypermart Bali Galeria



I like almost everything about this including the smell! Although for some people it could smell quite strong

Skin Aqua Moisture Gel

Bought the white one, with the SPF 30 PA++ for Face and Body yang supposedly for oily skin. I have been reading a few blogs about this product because some of you attended their launch, so you know whether this product suits you or not, etc. etc… Most are good reviews. Well, so do I. 

Where could you possibly test drive a sunblock, better than in Bali J

The texture of this product is quite light because well yeah they say it is a moisture gel.

For Oily Skin

Meski texturenya gel, tapi gak langsung "meleleh/tumpah"

I am liking the gel texture, very light. It does not smell and pretty affordable too. 

What bothers me is that the packaging is not very attractive and for facial use, if not blended well, could leave white streaks. After using it for a few days, my skin broke out. So I limit the use to other parts of my body

What do you think guys? Anyone of you use these products? Tell me how it goes :)

XO, Medina

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