Review: SilkyGirl Funky Eyelights Pencil

My post today will be on the review of SilkyGirl Funky Eyelights Pencil, which I bought a month ago.  I did a post on my haul with this product here . Bought them at Robinson, Center Point in Singapore for SGD8.90, that's about IDR70K ya? Lol. Not good with math!

For the comparison with base, I used on of my favourite eye primer: Benefit Stay Don't Stray. I will review it soon, so please keep on reading my my blogs!

The Look
Here are the Funky Eyelights Pencils.  The product packaging is so-so la, not too appealing. But it is pencil and I don't think no make-up company would put much effort in creating an appealing pencil make-up. But I like that fact that they are black and they are using white fonts. Makes it easy to read and see which one which.  And on the shade numbers and colours, they make the font bigger. Good job.  Btw, In case you're wondering, why one pencil does not have the cap, that's because I lost it -____-

The Swatches
I don't see that much difference between with and without base.  The colours are actually stunning by itself. But duly NOTE: I had to apply more strokes to the one without base.  So in my opinion: use base if you want the colour to pop even more.  It lasts longer too.
I took this picture in the afternoon, so the camera, even without flash picked up the natural lights quite good. See the beautiful colours?
Even better with flash! The colours really popped! Sorry ya the other picture is kinda blurry. But you got the point :P

Smudge Proof?
Ok, so I took this picture outside because the light is better to test for smudge proof-ness. They are kinda smudge proof.  I had to really rubbed it in.  BUT NOTE: If you wish to smudge for (let's say) smokey eye look, do it quick after you lined/colour the eye. Because once it sets, it will be difficult. Not impossible, just difficult.   

I literally soaked my hands in the water haha! And then tested it under running water. I think they did a great job for waterproof-ness

My Experience
OMG looked at my OILY skin!! Meh. Need to do something about that. HEEELLPPP!!  Ok back to subject. I applied this on top of L'Oreal Super Liner and it worked well. It covers the brown liner perfectly. Even on top of my seriously oily lids! Yes, I applied this after at the end of the day. 

The texture is so soft! So very easy to glide, makes it also easy to smudge. But do so quickly after you line. However, I found that without the cap, the pencil tip dries, makes it very hard to apply. So when not in use you need to keep cap on at all times. 

XO, Medina


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  3. Love the colors! So bright and vibrant. Affordable is always a plus.

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