L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro Eye Shadow Palette #5 and #7

Wohoo, more eyeshadows means more swatches!

Yes, I am lately becoming obsessed with eye shadows but not wanting to spend a lot of money for buying branded make up like MAC or Make Up Forever because the colours that I got are not for everyday use. Like these two palettes I got from L'Oreal. Gorgeous just simply gorgeous colours but not my everyday colours.

Like this blue.. Coralish blue... What am I talking about.  How do you say a blue that is greenish? :D
Searching in the internet, it's called Turquoise. D'oh!

This one is Purple Silver.  You see how the dark purple, actually came out more like a Maroon?  The rest is OK. Only the silvery shadows doesn't come silver but more like glittery.

Both comes with a applicator sponge and underneath the sponge is a small mirror??!! Interesting packaging concept. I like the fact that the colours came out beautifully although they are not that pigmented. The texture is quite chalky and powdery.

Anyone of you use this colour before?

With love,

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