Sneak Peek: Anggini "The Interpreter" Setiawan

Last Monday, I had a meeting with Angela, Dila and Anggini at Rumah Baba, a really awesome Betawi restaurant located in Senopati area, Jakarta Selatan.  As always it was a really quick and productive meeting. Sebenarnya cuman updates meeting sih sama temu kangen. Haha!

My girl, Anggini Setiawan The Interpreter

This time, before Anggi leaves, note: she always leaves sooner then the rest, I managed to interview and take a look at her beauty case (by force of course... mwahahahaha... *slap slap*).

Just a short background check: Anggini is a well known and an excellent interpreter. She handles so many clients from public affair to health care to brand. Local to International. So she travels a lot!
Btw, you do know what is an Interpreter, right?

Remember this movie?

Photo source: FlickFacts  - OK you get the point. 

 Pokoknya beliau adalah salah satu orang yang berjasa akan perdamaian dunia. Salah ngomong, salah menterjemah, salah ngerti, ambyar world peace. Hahaha tapi beneran, gak lebai. That was the extreme example. Oh and just so you know, she was the interpreter when Bush came to Indonesia.



So me and my kepoh-neess, want to see what is this girl bringing everyday in here make-up bag. I want to know her on-the-go beauty arsenal!! *kepoh *kepoh *kepoh

Digital enhancement applied because this picture was taken in a very low light environment
See me in the picture?  xixixi

The Content:
  • MUFE pencil sharpener
  • Ultima II - The Nakeds Face Powder
  • Maybelline Red Revival 645
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW35
  • Poggesi Body Lotion Coco Mango
  • MAC Powder  Blush Melba
  • YSL BB Top Secret UV SPF 50
  • MAC Lipstick Russion Red
  • Revlon Double Twist Waterproof Mascara
  • L'Oreal Liquid Eyeliner Noir Granit
  • The Body Shop Love Gloss #01
  • MUFE Aqua Eyes Deep Brown
  • MAC all purpose travel brush
  • Sephora Double Ended Brush Smudge & Eyeliner brush
  • Lipliner Brush
  • MAC lace edition eye palette

Question and Answer 

Q: Which brand of make up and skin care you love the most? 
A: For make up, its Bobby Brown and MAC simply cause they have color range for dark skin tone like mine. For skin care: I used to Love Kanebo the most, but now their lines that I love is discontinued. So I am trying YSL, and so far so good. 

Q: From all the make up you have at home, which of those you always use until finished and rerstock? 
A: MAC foundation, Bobby Brown foundation. 

Q: Five make up items you always carry?
A: Foundation, loose powder, eye shadows, eye liner and a lip gloss

Q: What are your consideration in buying make up?
A: Colors and as long as it does not make my skin oily as it is oily already. Also as long as it does not make my skin irritated. 

Q: What is your current make up and skin care obsession
A: Bobby Brown (which I have none at the moment, cause I cannot find it here) and anti aging for the skin care. Also any skin care that can makes my pores small. Therefore my skin will look smooth. 

Note: I wish to steal her Sephora double ended Brush Smudge & Eyeliner brush, MUFE Aqua Eyes because I am running out of deep brown eyeliner pencil and YSL BB Top Secret  UV SPF 50. Hmmm...

Thanks Miss Gin XOXO

XO, Medina


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