Make Over Trivia Eyeshadow Rainbow & Skyscrapping Blue

As promised, here are the swatches for both Make Over's Trivia Eyeshadows Rainbow & Skycrapping Blue:

Make Over Trivia Eyeshadow in Rainbow

Make Over Trivia Eyeshadow in Skycrapping Blue

What I like about this is that I got them at 50% off. Always a plus! It is rather pigmented and comes with a built in mirror.  However, the consistency of pigment is different in each of the eyeshadows. Some are pigmented and some are not so. Also, these could be very chalky. One tip: You might want to other brush than the provided ones, so the colours could really come out.

Let me know what you think

XO, Medina


  1. the Rainbow one is really cute.. <3
    gimana cara bisa discount?? :o ngiler..

    1. Hahahaha I was lucky sis! Kemaren pas banget midnight shopping! jadi 50% discount. :D

    2. aduhh.. ngiler betulan.. I love this brands, seriously.. Yg blue diliat2 cute juga warnanya..

    3. beli beli beliiiiii LOL