Bright Christmas Nails: China Glaze Sun-Kissed | NOTD

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidaaaays!

I'm having a Christmas withdrawal, still could not accept the fact that it is over. Sigh!! And I am so back to work already... Since December 26th. Super!

Anyway, thought I'd share my Nail Of The Day. Do bare in mind that I don't usually wear nail polish because I have this bad habit of biting my nails. But for the past two months, I'm trying hard to restrain myself... So hard but it paid off.

Cool, huh?! I love the colour. So bright, so happy!  I took this picture with my trustee iPhone 4, in the afternoon under various lights. Top left indoor, top right outdoor under shade, bottom left outdoor slightly shadowed and bottom right outdoor exposed to the sun. Perfect shade for the beach or like me... anytime I feel "just feel like it"

XO, Medina

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