Review: Wet N Wild Trio Eyeshadow "Sweet As Candy" & "I Got Good Jeans"

The post will be a review on the two eye shadows I bought from a fellow blogger, about a week ago.  I know I said I was going to find out who was the blogger's name but I cannot find it. Seriously... She somewhat disappear from the Google search engine but for sure, she's a member of Indonesian Beauty Blogger :))

Anyway, bought these eyeshadows for IDR45K. Why so cheap? Because it is pre-loved. She said to have used it for swatches only. So I thought it's a very good buy, especially the colours are not yet available (at least, not as I posted this entry) in WetNWild Indonesia online store AND the official price is IDR 89K.

As you can all see in the below picture, the eyeshadows are in excellent conditions. There were just little trace of colours on the applicators. No big deal, because I wouldn't want to use the brushes anyways. I can always throw away the brushes (for hygienic reasons) and change it with new ones I recently bought at a local beauty supplies store. 

It comes with "manual" on each colours, so you know, which ones should be applied where etc. This a is very good guidance in order to avoid confusion for eye make up newbies :)

The Swatches

Sweet As Candy
Sweet As Candy colours are beautiful although it is not really popped. I had use apply more strokes if use without base to bring out the colours. It has a little shimmer, and that's why I think, this is good for everyday. The colours are "polite" so it is safe to use for work, or just going out for lunch :)). 

I Got Good Jeans
I also think that I Got Good Jeans has really beautiful colours. Compare to Sweet As Candy, it has more pigments. I think this is obvious because the colours are darker. Particularly like the yellow gold. I think the shimmer popped beautifully.

With Flash
Left: Sweet As Candy, Right: I Got Good Jeans. I used Stay Don't Stray Eye Base
The shimmer on both shown, however, Sweet As Candy's browbone colour seemed to have "disappear".

Left: Sweet As Candy, Right: I Got Good Jeans. Both soaked with water.

Both colours stays but not as strong as before. Both seemed to have gone matte a little and the browbone colour on Sweet as Candy almost...gone.

Here's what I think:
I don't mind with the Sweet As Candy subtleness.  I bought this intentionally for everyday use, particularly on the hours where the sun still shines! :) . If you're looking for a day to night palette, I don't think this is the one. The colours are too subtle for night, you will need to add a lot more layers. More layers could mean more fall outs, because the texture is kinda powdery... Not too, just kinda. Get what I mean? Lol.

I also like I Got Good Jeans' colours collection. I'm not sure when I will use it, but I think unlike Sweet As Candy, I'll wear this when the moon shines. Well, I suppose you could wear it daytime, it is totally up to your liking. I'm the kinda girl, who likes to keep it simple and minimal during the day.

As with both, I had to apply more strokes when used without base :)

So, I like these palettes. Packaging wise, you pay what you get. Colours wise, you pay what you get. Love the applicators that comes with it. You get one normal eyeshadow applicator and the other one is like a small brush! Not all affordable makeup manufacturer thought of this :)

My small thoughts, what do you think?

XO, Medina


  1. w n w lagi booming banget yah, reviewnya banyak dimana mana :D
    aih jadi pengen cobain tp masih ragu :/

    1. Coba check disini den dear:

      Dia jual 55rb :D

  2. wah.. cakep ya warnanya...*mupeng*

    1. cantik mpok! beli dong :))) hihihihihihihih

  3. i like "i got good jeans" eyelid color .. but i cant get the whole palette for 1 shade right? X))

    followed you back :)

  4. Sweet as candy I love that set. I have it and you would be surprised on how nice WnW eyeshadows are. Top notch quality for such a cheap price!

    1. Totally agree :)

    2. Hey Megan, do you have a blog? Post me the address :))

  5. Hai Kak Medina *sok akrab*
    Thanks for following my blog. I've already followed yours :D

    And lemme just say, 45k each for that condition is so good of a deal.
    Aku ingiin xD

    1. Yuukk beliiikk... kalo gak salah di

      harganya 55rb - coba cekidot :D

  6. suka banget eyeshadow ini. ada tulisannya lagi. nice colors <3

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  7. Great shades!Lovely blog. What about following each other?

    1. of course!! thanks for visiting xoxo

  8. Candeza olshop3/2/13 10:44 PM

    Halo sista2 yang cantik. Sori cuman mau nawarin,aku jual barang WET N WILD loh. Harganya sama kayak di Web koq no Tipu2 :)
    Kalo gak keberatan,boleh order di aku jdi lebih gmpang kan biasa di web lebih ribet dan ready stock juga semuanya >.<

    Cek aja yah FB
    Atau udha tau mau pesen apa,lgsg aja order 08179138331 / 21e4bc59 :)
    TRUSTED SELLER! Bisa diliat testi2nyaaa. Thankiuu :)