Swatch: LT Pro Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Hi darlings!

This time, I'm doing a quick review and swatch on its neon Matte Palette.

Price IDR 200K-ish. Taken with my iPhone 4, outdoor without eye shadow base. I this the picture is self explanatory.

I was rather confuse from reading other posts on this same particular eyeshadow palette. They look as if the colours really popped out. But why, mine isn't? I found that the texture is very powdery with so little pigment. I had to use several strokes using my Stila #5 brush.  I would strongly recommend to apply eye shadow base to get these colours out.

Really, how did you guys swatch it? How did you guys came up with a really popped colours. I really need to know the tricks :).

XO, Medina


  1. Eh, gak pigmented yah?? - -a
    Dan warna bagian atas mirip mirip yah.. ini kamu beli satuan di depot atau langsung satu palet say?

    1. Haiii dear. Iya niih, kalau aku yang swatch kok gak pigmented ya? Tapi ada juga lainnya yang di blognya itu swatchnya oke banget lho. Hmmm...
      Btw, aku beli ini satu palette langsung. :)

  2. Nice one <3 love the colors

    anyway I just nominated you for Liebster Award
    check this out

    keep it up <3

  3. maybe kamu perlu kasih sedikit semprotin air ke kuas sebelum pakai dan sebelum aplikasi ke mata kasih base eyeshadow..
    hope its work..