Brightspot is Back. Brightspot 10 at Lotte Shopping Avenue

Long time no see.  Yep it has been chaos and I can't seem to find the time to post :'(

Today's post is also a quick one and it's not about beauty (sorry my fellow beauty addicts).  It's about a cool bazaar: Brightspot Market.  The coolest thing is that this is not just some ordinary bazaar with same lame clothes you normally find. Those who wish to participate, needed to be "judged" first.  
Well basically, the committee needs to see what you have first... It needs to be curated (like their tagline) before shown.

The market is actually starts from November 7th, however... those are only for you who received invitation. For public it starts from November 8th to 10th at Lotte Shopping Avenue. From 11AM - 11PM.

When you decided to come, watch out for these awesome local brands!

alex[a]lexa ||  A relatively new brand but has made its debut into Jakarta Fashion Week!


Another brand to visit is GAIA Store "Gypsette" inspired booth:

This time GAIA Store will take you on a journey through the 'Hippie Trail' with our Sun Shades brands: Le Specs, Mink Pink, Ksubi and Kids Collection from Ghea Kids!
SPECIAL PRICE on all our brands from original Le Specs, Henry Holland to KSUBI! ONLY at BRIGHTSPOT
Customisation Booth:
  • Get your personalized "EYE-Like" Eye Wear Straps!!
  • "EYE for an EYE" Show you care! For every purchase of our sunshades range, you are giving people in need a new sight!
  • Eye Make Up Tutorial with our Beauty Blogger: Harumi Sudradjat
  • Personalized your GHEA Kids collection

So yes, it is going to be most exciting!  See you there 

XO, Medina

May Haul

I'm back. Yes, it has been a very annoying month. Hopefully this month will be a little different.
I need to catch  up with all of you! I miss you! ;___;

This short post will be about my continuous impulsive haul in May! Yep, did buy a quite some stuff. For those who followed my instagram (@mediiinaa) or Twitter (@mediinaas) must already knew what I was talking about. So here it is:

One Day at Estée Lauder Beautiful Touch

Hello darlings!

After missing a month blogging, here it is my new post. I was extremely busy with work and errands and chores so please forgive me as I didn't mean to neglect you readers :'(. Hopefully I can catch up this month so I can get that Indonesia Beauty Blogger logo :D yeay!

So, last Saturday I had the opportunity to come to a beauty event  Estée Lauder.  I think for Jakarta area, the event was especially held in two places; The first was April 6 at D Gallerie, South Jakarta, hosted by Ms. Carryna Pratiwi and April 7 at Mal Taman Anggrek hosted by Ms. Carnellin. Obviously I went to D Gallerie because it's closer to where I live :)

OPI The Mini Collection : Mariah Carey Sand Nail Polish

Today swatch is from OPI mini collection Mariah Carey sand nail polish.  I freeeaakiin loveee this polish! It goes on smooth, vibrant colours, lots of glitters and sparkles, very opaque, one coat is enough to cover the nails and sandy texture... Brilliant. LOVE!

OPI I Have A Herring Problem

I'm getting better at this! Look, no mess :D. But that's also probably because my nails are getting longer thus making it easy to apply the nail polish.

OPI I Have A Herring Problem is an alternative to grey. This is a blue grey nail polish with a subtle sparkle. I love this. Truly do! The colour is so beautiful.  It's both urban, yet be beach-y as well. Very easy to apply although it did require two coats. It is one of those "happy and content" nail polish.

Revlon Nail Polish : Mischievous, Hot For Chocolate, Fuchsia Fever, Chic, Fashionista, Fearless

I know I said earlier this month that I’ll be blogging about nail polishes. And yes, that it true but forgive for posting it today because I have been very busy and swamped with work. Work is crazy but you will have to say grace for it is such a blessing.

Ok, here we go.

Let’s talk about Revlon nail polishes! I bought all these nail polishes at Matahari Department Store at Cilandak Town Square. I went nuts. Simply because the price is IDR 37K.  How cool is that.  That is why; I bought six colors all together! Lol… I know, I seriously need some therapy for my impulsiveness!

NOTE: Excuse the bad nail polish application. I know it is so ugly :P

Mavala Mini Colors : Rococo Red, Blue Curacao and Waikiki Orange

This is why I must be banned from the mall for my own good. This purchase was an accident... Was not planning to get anything but when I passed through Mavala counter in SOGO department store, my eyes caught a very attractive display of colours. Mini cute colours! Even more attractive when the BA told me that the price for 5ml small bottle is IDR 50K.

Maybelline BB Stick

Today's review I think will be quite interesting... Well at least for me. I received this product from the beautiful Maybelline NY ladies to try. I am excited because it's THE recently launched Maybelline BB Stick! I have never seen this kind before. Tube, bottle, roll-on, yes have seen but stick? Exciteeed.

Got from Maybelline NY Indonesia website (too lazy to take picture, lol). Cool, huh?


Today I got the chance test drive the newly launched The Body Shop's (TBS) ALL-IN-ONE BB Cream. The shop, until this entry posted has only launched shade number 2 and 3. The one I'm reviewing today is shade number 1. According to TBS, shade number 1 will be available end of February this year!