Mavala Mini Colors : Rococo Red, Blue Curacao and Waikiki Orange

This is why I must be banned from the mall for my own good. This purchase was an accident... Was not planning to get anything but when I passed through Mavala counter in SOGO department store, my eyes caught a very attractive display of colours. Mini cute colours! Even more attractive when the BA told me that the price for 5ml small bottle is IDR 50K.

Maybelline BB Stick

Today's review I think will be quite interesting... Well at least for me. I received this product from the beautiful Maybelline NY ladies to try. I am excited because it's THE recently launched Maybelline BB Stick! I have never seen this kind before. Tube, bottle, roll-on, yes have seen but stick? Exciteeed.

Got from Maybelline NY Indonesia website (too lazy to take picture, lol). Cool, huh?


Today I got the chance test drive the newly launched The Body Shop's (TBS) ALL-IN-ONE BB Cream. The shop, until this entry posted has only launched shade number 2 and 3. The one I'm reviewing today is shade number 1. According to TBS, shade number 1 will be available end of February this year!