Mavala Mini Colors : Rococo Red, Blue Curacao and Waikiki Orange

This is why I must be banned from the mall for my own good. This purchase was an accident... Was not planning to get anything but when I passed through Mavala counter in SOGO department store, my eyes caught a very attractive display of colours. Mini cute colours! Even more attractive when the BA told me that the price for 5ml small bottle is IDR 50K.

Maybe some of you think that the price is actually expensive for a small bottle of nail polish, but to my defense: 1) It is coming from Mavala, known for its nail care products 2) It is in sold in a full aircon, cozy department store 3) I was allowed to test the colours, they have samples 4) Purchase over IDR 400K - that is eight nail polishes - you get a free manicure on the spot 5) I bought three colours, the BA was offering me a free nail polish application

For the above reasons, I don't mind paying the requested amount :P

Rococo Red

The colour is fiery (blue tone) red! I love it. I also like the texture, the consistency is alright. Not too thick and not too thin and watery. One coat is actually enough to cover, still see through though but pretty.  Two coats for deeper yet still fiery red. I can imagine Christina Aguilera wear this sort of colour.



Blue Curacao

This blue is awesome. It's bright perfect for the beach or mountainous vacation, but subtle enough for fun in the city. Unlike Rococo Red, the texture is rather thick. I had a little trouble putting this on. But then again, I was never good at applying nail polish on my own -_____-

Waikiki Orange

I think this absolutely fun and bright coral colour is meant for the beach. Well at least for me anyway. As much as I love the colour, but I have to say that the texture is very thick therefore is difficult to apply especially a nail polish newbie like me :(.

Overall, I like the nail polishes. For me, the mini size is actually perfect because I won't be wearing these sort of colours everyday. It they were sold in bigger bottles, they might ended up unused. Such as waste.  So yes, these minis are good.

Anyone of you tried Mavala minis?

XO, Medina


  1. Replies
    1. iyaaa yaah... hihihihi,kalau kata temen ku laki-laki: duh, cewek ribet ya :P

  2. warnanya pop up bgt dear... jd pengen... :P

    1. Beliiii, kalo BA-nya di Pondok Indah Mall SOGO, ngebolehin kita coba dulu

  3. the red color looks gorgeous!

    1. it does! satu coat warnanya bright red orange, dua coat lebih gelap :D

  4. Waikiki nya cantik..pheww..reminds me of Hawaii a lots...=(
    cantik sekali orangenyaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. iya ya orangna sangat BOLD! HUaaa kamu enak disana banya brand bran seruuuuu... bzzzz