Revlon Nail Polish : Mischievous, Hot For Chocolate, Fuchsia Fever, Chic, Fashionista, Fearless

I know I said earlier this month that I’ll be blogging about nail polishes. And yes, that it true but forgive for posting it today because I have been very busy and swamped with work. Work is crazy but you will have to say grace for it is such a blessing.

Ok, here we go.

Let’s talk about Revlon nail polishes! I bought all these nail polishes at Matahari Department Store at Cilandak Town Square. I went nuts. Simply because the price is IDR 37K.  How cool is that.  That is why; I bought six colors all together! Lol… I know, I seriously need some therapy for my impulsiveness!

NOTE: Excuse the bad nail polish application. I know it is so ugly :P

1. Revlon: Mischievous, shiny pale purple 

Oops! bad lighting. But this really is an awesome colour

2. Revlon: Hot For Chocolate. Awesome dark chocolate

3. Revlon: Fuschia Fever. Pretty hot pink!

4. Revlon Chic. Cool pale blue!

5. Revlon: Fashionista. That dark idealist blue!

6. Revlon Fearless. Bright Red. In this picture, I topped it with OPI Sand "The Impossible"

My final words would be that I like them all. Revlon has varieties of beautiful colours you can play with. Yes, the consistency of each colours is different.  Some are thicker than the other but generally easy to apply. Oh and one thing I hate it the brush.  For me the brush is too long and too thin, so difficult to use! Especially for a nail polish newbie like me.  But overall, like it. The polished featured here are IDR37K - Go and grab your favourite colours!

XO, Medina


  1. Lovely colours! I especially love the Hot for Chocolate, Chic, and Fashionista. <3

  2. Sukaaa banget warna yang pertama....
    Cakeeeep banget warnanyaaa.....
    Banyak yach koleksinya....
    Mupeeeng.....nice post sist

    1. gpp kl mupeng harganya juga gak terlalu mahal kok beb

  3. wah banyak bgt kak koleksinya~ lucu2 warnanya
    favoritku itu yg tropical temptation <3
    main2 ke blog ku jg ya kak :D

    1. thank you sway xoxo. iya aku main2 blog kamu ya

  4. these are very beautiful Revlon polishes!!!