One Day at Estée Lauder Beautiful Touch

Hello darlings!

After missing a month blogging, here it is my new post. I was extremely busy with work and errands and chores so please forgive me as I didn't mean to neglect you readers :'(. Hopefully I can catch up this month so I can get that Indonesia Beauty Blogger logo :D yeay!

So, last Saturday I had the opportunity to come to a beauty event  Estée Lauder.  I think for Jakarta area, the event was especially held in two places; The first was April 6 at D Gallerie, South Jakarta, hosted by Ms. Carryna Pratiwi and April 7 at Mal Taman Anggrek hosted by Ms. Carnellin. Obviously I went to D Gallerie because it's closer to where I live :)

Miss Carryn invited us beauty bloggers to come at 12 noon, but I came at around 1.30pm. I was late ;__; but I can't really help it, Saturday is errands and chores day for me!

So I came when Mr. Bobbie Wu, professional make up artist for Estee Lauder from Taiwan is in the process of applying foundation to a guest. Hmm... Watching him apply make up onto the model is so much fun. He has light hands and I definitely learned new techniques!

The show was quite interactive, some of the guests were able to get their hands on the model and try the new technique.

I was lucky. I sat next to a senior beauty blogger Ms. Priscilla Clara, and she helped me interpret what Bobbie was talking about, he's Taiwanese. Thanks Priscilla!

I did not take much photos because for some reason my Lumix GF1 won't work. It kept producing blurry photos! Frustrated!!! but manage to recorded some videos of the event, here are some of the footage:

This is my first experience coming to a beauty event as a beauty blogger. It was fun and exciting. All you beauty bloggers or beauty enthusiasts who often got the invitation to a beauty event, I suggest to come! Especially if it's your favourite make up brand, because let me tell you what you can get by coming: 1) Meet the guest make up artist and ask him/her your most unanswered make up trivia 2) get new, often simplified techniques 3) freebies and 4) loads of discounted products!

Look at all these Estée Lauder make up!

As a token of appreciation, Estée Lauder gave us two products worth over IDR 500K. Eyeshadow and lipstick. I got these duo eyeshadow and lipstick from Estée Lauder. The fact that I can choose my favorite colors and shade is excellent! Love it.

I love my new products. Here is a quick swatch of the duo eye shadow and lipstick

Oh and I did the photo ala cover too! But I don't feel like showing it... Not my best angle -___-
But we, beauty bloggers took a picture together :)

Anyway, I was happy and excited to meet other Indonesian beauty bloggers there. Especially the senior beauty bloggers who were very very friendly and helpful. Made new friends :))

XO, Medina


  1. Waaa cepet bangettttttt update postnyaaa aku lagi merangkai kata2 nih med sama bikin review tentang produknya huahahah

    1. Haiii haiiii... Hahahaha...Aku review produk belakangan. Biar ada materi posting lagi :D

  2. Eyeshadownya ambil yg warna ijo jg ya? Hahaha.. samaaaa.. :D
    Nice knowing you and see you on another event! ^^

    1. Iya Ceecileeee... Play safe aja aku :D
      very nice knowing you too! See you soon

  3. Hello, I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award. Please check it here


  4. Wow! such a fun event!

    I have a weakness towards a pretty compact, the packaging of the Duo Eyeshadow just really classy and pretty I love it!

    1. it does! it is elegant :)