Brightspot is Back. Brightspot 10 at Lotte Shopping Avenue

Long time no see.  Yep it has been chaos and I can't seem to find the time to post :'(

Today's post is also a quick one and it's not about beauty (sorry my fellow beauty addicts).  It's about a cool bazaar: Brightspot Market.  The coolest thing is that this is not just some ordinary bazaar with same lame clothes you normally find. Those who wish to participate, needed to be "judged" first.  
Well basically, the committee needs to see what you have first... It needs to be curated (like their tagline) before shown.

The market is actually starts from November 7th, however... those are only for you who received invitation. For public it starts from November 8th to 10th at Lotte Shopping Avenue. From 11AM - 11PM.

When you decided to come, watch out for these awesome local brands!

alex[a]lexa ||  A relatively new brand but has made its debut into Jakarta Fashion Week!


Another brand to visit is GAIA Store "Gypsette" inspired booth:

This time GAIA Store will take you on a journey through the 'Hippie Trail' with our Sun Shades brands: Le Specs, Mink Pink, Ksubi and Kids Collection from Ghea Kids!
SPECIAL PRICE on all our brands from original Le Specs, Henry Holland to KSUBI! ONLY at BRIGHTSPOT
Customisation Booth:
  • Get your personalized "EYE-Like" Eye Wear Straps!!
  • "EYE for an EYE" Show you care! For every purchase of our sunshades range, you are giving people in need a new sight!
  • Eye Make Up Tutorial with our Beauty Blogger: Harumi Sudradjat
  • Personalized your GHEA Kids collection

So yes, it is going to be most exciting!  See you there 

XO, Medina

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