Maybelline New York Color Show : Be Bold, Be Brave, Wear Colours!

It has been a whileeee! OMG, I cannot believe that it’s been five months since my last post. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase… Today’s post is about Maybelline New York Indonesia latest products: Color Show!  

I'm excited because I've been waiting for this quite sometime and according to the PR person, the colours available here in Indonesia is specially picked so they suit us, Indonesian. Yes, yes and yes!

Nail polish and Lip counter at Beauty Blogger gathering

Bold, sexy, vibrant nail polish colours

So many eyeliner colours! 

I’m so glad to be invited to beauty blogger introduction of Maybelline New York Color Show beauty blogger gathering  on last April 8th.  I know it’s been two weeks since the introduction but I was too hectic I cannot find the time to write. Apologize for that, let’s just hope that moving forward, time is on my side J

So… I was late! Three hours late! I hate it.
Traffic was horrible! 

I don’t know why but it took almost three hours from Kemang area to DBS tower. Two hours alone from Erasmus Huis to DBS tower but the Maybelline ladies were kind enough to (sort of)  wait for my arrival.

As I running to the receptionist to exchange my ID card with the building’s access card, I bump into another fellow beauty blogger: Tia. Check her blog, she’s cute. Thank God I was not the only one who was late… *tee hee. We run upstairs, (= run meaning taking the elevator. Well, It is on level 30. Zzzz…) and when we got to the event, they (other fellow beauty bloggers) were already having so much fun playing with Color Show! *sob sob. And apparently, we missed the brief introduction about Color Show…

Beauty Bloggers were having so much fun trying Maybelline New York Color Show line! 
Cynthia, Maybelline New York Indonesia, is having a quick make over by our dearest talented fellow blogger Endi Feng

Nevertheless, we were given an awesome goodie bags which consisted of two eye liners, three lipsticks and four nail polishes! Yes Maybelline New York Indonesia finally got Nail Polish!  I’m super excited because firstly, it is super affordable. I think it costs Rp. 30rb/bottle (I'm not mistaken). Secondly, they have awesome colours! I forgot how many, but not too worry because they have primary colors. You know, the ones you use it probably often, and other bizzare colors such as neon green, sky blue, etc.

The Box!

Inside the Box

Eyeliner: Ocean Blue, Spicy Orange | Lipstick: Orange Icon, True Toffee, Red Siren | Nail Polish: Denim Blue, Hooked-On-Pink, Berry Sexy, Velvet Wine 

So a long with the unveiling of Color Show, Maybelline hosted a make over competition. For seven days (starting from April 8th) we are encouraged to use the products creatively. Winner will get a year supply of make up from Maybelline New York Indonesia. How cool is that! 

All in all, I’m happy and super glad I got the chance to be invited to Color Show. 

Make up: Maybelline Pure Minerals Concealer | Maybelline BB Stick in Natural | Christina Eyebrow Powder | L’Oreal Paris Blockbuster Pen Eyeliner | Maybelline Bit of Berry | Coastal Scents Blush 
Photo Editor: Camera + from iPad 
Camera: Borrowed #TheBFs Canon G12. Super love the swivel screen! Perfect for Selfies xD

I will post my take on Color Show and swatches sometimes next week. So please keep coming back so you can also experience the excitement of Maybelline New York Color Show!

XO, Medina

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