Lime Crime Velvetines : Wicked,Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, Salem

It's been a while since I posted something. I have been working on renewing my blog, trying to find a decent free blog template. Can't find one that is totally free. Sigh! As far as my research going, this the the best. There's something I still need to change but, for now, this will suffice.

Enough about my blog template dilemma.

Today, I'm back with some Lime Crime Velvetines swatches. I know this particular brand is not brand new, and most of you have already owned it, used it, love it or hate it, yes, I have been under the rock -___-  apologise for that...  But I thought, nothing is wrong by showing off my own collection  and share with you some of my thought about this lip color. Haha! xD

Out of these, my favourite would the Wicked just because I can pull it off easy even without make up. The rest, might need a certain face make up theme. Oh and I actually love Red Velvet, but the boyfriend said it looked kind of cartoony and will look better on his Vespa. Blah!

What I Love about this lip color, is its opaque color turn up. It's thick and I don't need concealer on my lips to show its true color. It's just that good!  Not so Love because, Yes it's kind of long lasting, but not really. It will rub off as the day goes by. Tips: At first, when you apply, make sure that it dries before you close your lips, or else it WILL transfer to your teeth. Ewwh, big no NO! And as a courtesy, never try new clothes in the shop when you're putting on this lipstick. It will transfer the stain that is very difficult to remove and you might end up paying for the shirt xD

So that's it, my Limecrime Velvetines collection and how the color turn out on my lips, photographed with flash and close up!

XO, Medina

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